06 by Maryam Almehairi


I saw this in the public library and thought the title was a bit of a mystery, so I read it to know what it means, now that I finished it, I still have no idea what 06 means LOL.

This was a collection of short poems written by a teenager who is 16 years old, I thought they were just okay, but were full of sad romance (ugh) she probably had her first breakup and wrote this.


Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover


Heartbreaking, shocking and extremely inspiring .

Tara Westover, was born in the mountains of Idaho, she was raised in a Mormon family, I don’t know who is worst, her father who thought the end of the world is near and that the government is part of the Illuminati so that’s why he didn’t believe in public schools or even medical treatment in hospitals (because doctors are trying to kill us right?), or her mother, who was a herbalist and honestly believed she could know what’s wrong people just by touching them and then would give them some herbs, and yeah she would chose the herb by also touching it, if it felt right that means it would cure the person.

Dad worries that the Government will force us to go but it can’t, because it doesn’t know about us. Four of my parents’ seven children don’t have birth certificates. We have no medical records because we were born at home and have never seen a doctor or nurse. We have no school records because we’ve never set foot in a classroom. When I am nine, I will be issued a Delayed Certificate of Birth, but at this moment, according to the state of Idaho and the federal government, I do not exist.

I have to say first that I read this in three settings, I was really busy but whenever I found time I grabbed this and would read for hours nonstop, I also was very hesitant in giving it a rating, some very few chapters were a 2/5, most of the chapters were 3 or 4 but I gave it a 5 because of the strong ending, because of how much I connected with Tara, how I felt her sadness, and how it made me realize: wow, just another religion used to oppress women.

Because I live in the middle east I hear a lot of stories of women who were forced to do this or do that in the name of religion or how if they don’t obey God they would be disowned or would dishonor the family. Even though I think religion should be chosen by the person and not forced, but just for the sake of the argument I would say okay I don’t mind you want to spread religion and virtue to your kids that’s fine, but why do you only do that to girls/women and whenever a guy/man is not obeying God they would say, he would change later, or start to give him excuses. That fact hit me so hard when Tara tried to talk to her parents about her brother Shawn, and how her family disowned her just because she decided to peruse the path of education, and stood with her brother who would abuse his sister, his ex-girlfriend, and even his current wife.
What’s wrong with people?!

Sometimes I was sure God wanted me to go to college, because He’d given me that twenty-eight. Other times I was sure I’d be rejected, and that God would punish me for applying, for trying to abandon my own family.

I really felt for Tara, because she almost failed her PhD and went through a breakdown just because her parents disowned her, she loved them this much even though they mistreated her all her life. Her story is really inspiring.

The Best Damn Answers to Life’s Hardest Questions: A Flowchart Book by Tess Koman

Getting this from NetGalley I thought I would enjoy reading about what the author considers as “Life’s Hardest Questions”, and then the first question hits “Is a bra really necessary?” that’s when I realized this is supposed to be a funny book, I didn’t put it down I thought I might still have fun with this, but I didn’t find it in anyway funny or helpful, questions like “My roommate ate my expensive cheese, now what?” or “Should we get brunch tomorrow?” are in no way Life’s hardest questions. and sorry for being censure but the answers are in noway “best damn answers”.

I’m too old for this, but I’m sure some teen would enjoy this…

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn


Oops! Am I the only one who didn’t enjoy this one?
For starters it was way too long! and very predictable!
Dr. Anna is an agoraphobic alcoholic who spends her days looking out the window and spying on her neighbors. *surprise* one day she sees something and reports it to the police, but will anyone believe her? (this is so predictable)
The only reason I kept going was because I wanted to know why her husband and daughter left her and why she’s agoraphobic (turns out to be kind of a good plot twist)